Eyebrow Threading & Eyelash Care

We offer more defined and precise shapes and can create better definitions for eyebrows. Threading gives you a very natural and beautiful looking shape. Eyebrow threading is always a good option for people with sensitive skin. Compared to waxing, threading is quick and cases no harm to your skin.

Our henna is natural. It stains and colors your eye brows and lashes for a fuller and distinct look

We can design stunning, custom lash look you can’t wait to show off!

please note that prices do change often due to materials and supply. The price list below is indicative. Please contact our reception to get the latest price before booking your appointments.

Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading (Ladies)


Eyebrow Threading (Men)


Upper Lips






Side Burns




Eyebrow Mapping, Shaping and Filling


Full Face


Eyelash Extensions

Cluster Lashes


Natural – Individual Lashes


Medium – Individual Lashes


Full – Individual Lashes


Russian Volume Set


Flat Eyelashes


Layered Eyelashs




Eyebrow Henna and Tints

Eyebrow Tints


Lash Tints


Eyebrows Henna Spa


Eyelash Lift


Eyelash Perm


Mens Eyebrows + Tint


Men’s Beard (small) + Moustache (small)


Men’s Eyebrows + Tint + Beard (small)



Eyebrows + Tints


Eyebrows + Tints + Eyelash Tints


Eyebrows + Henna Spa


Eyebrows + Henna Spa + Eyelash Tints


Eyelash Lift + Eyelash Tints


Eyebrows + Eyelash Lift + Eyelash Tints


Eyelash Perm + Eyelash Tints


Eyebrows + Eyelash Perm + Eyelash Tints